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blue box
Standard curbside Blue Box.
tall blue box
Tall curbside blue box for plastic and metal containers only.

You can purchase a curbside blue box, both tall and regular sized for $8.00 at our location on 270 West St. in Trenton, and at our Hazardous and Electronic Waste Depot in Belleville. Laundry baskets, milk crates, rubbermaid totes, etc. are not acceptable boxes. Please use a curbside blue box. Thinking of using bags? READ THIS FIRST

Curbside blue boxes are usually available from your local municipal office as well. While there is normally a fee of about $8.00, policies may vary from one municipality to the next.

You can purchase or exchange your broken blue box at any of the following locations.

  • Quinte Waste Solutions, 270 West St., Trenton
  • Hazardous and Electronic Waste Depot, 75 Wallbridge Cres., Belleville (during operational hours)
  • Village Green, 535 Ashley St. Foxboro
  • Prince Edward County Municipal Office, 332 Main St.
  • Rossmore Stop, Prince Edward County, 5529 Hwy 62
  • Marmora & Lake Municipal Office,12 Bursthall St.
  • Tyendinaga Municipal Office, 859 Melrose Rd.
  • Tweed Municipal Office, 255 Metcalfe St.
  • Centre Hastings Municipal Office, 7 Furnace St. Madoc
  • Frankford Municipal Office, Trent St.
  • Belleville Home Hardware Building Centre, Dundas St. E
  • Stirling-Rawdon Township Office, 14 Demorest Rd.
  • Madoc Township Office *Sell Only, 15651 Hwy 62 N

Other Boxes

The following are other types of boxes available for sale at our recycling plant in Trenton. These are not for curbside use.

  • Bathroom blue box. Put this little blue box in your bathroom, laundry room, etc. to make capturing recyclables easy – $5.00
  • Bottle Bin. Use this bin to make returning your empty wine, beer, and spirit bottles back to The Beer Store easy – $11