5 ways to Recycle Glass Beer, Wine, & Spirit Bottles

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5 ways to Recycle Glass Beer, Wine, & Spirit Bottles

When we look at our glass collection here at Quinte Waste Solutions an unfortunate amount of the glass materials are deposit-return bottles. While we are happy to accept properly recycled glass materials, deposit-return bottles should be recycled by The Beer Store; to be used again and again.

Glass bottles are heavy and they are often rendered dangerous as they chip and break. With this, these glass materials often become even more dangerous and expensive to recycle once they reach your municipalities Material Recovery Facility (MRF).

It’s not all bad news, glass does not wear down as a raw material. This means that all glass bottles can be recycled and remanufactured endlessly. But, keep in mind that this life cycle will end immediately if a bottle is discarded carelessly.

Municipal recycling programs face a lot of challenges. However, adapting policies and guidelines is the best way to control what materials actually end up getting recycled. So, what is the best way for residents to get rid of Deposit-Return Glass bottles? The answer: Education!

Here are 5 ways to Recycle Glass Beer, Wine, & Spirit Bottles.

Repurpose all of your glass bottles:

The best way to assure your glass bottles are reused is to repurpose them yourself! You can use glass bottles for things like spray bottles, soap dispensers, bird feeders, and other arts and crafts. However, make sure you have an adult with you if you are 12 or under. Glass is sharp and can break easily.

Bottle drives – keep an eye out:

Youth fundraisers and not-for-profits often operate bottle drives because they take little to no money to get started. Moreover, donating your unwanted glass bottles for these drives is a great way to give back and recycle, all at the same time!

Stirling Rotary Club:

On the 3rd Saturday of every month, you can donate your bottles to the Stirling Rotary Club. With this, The Rotary Club uses their funding to help humanitarian causes such as education, environmental causes, poverty and hunger, and to promote a healthy lifestyle within its communities. Please bring your bottles to:

122 North Street, Stirling, Ontario

Quinte Humane Society:

QHS is an amazing charity that benefits greatly from public donations. Likewise, bottles are always accepted and invited. Please bring your bottles to:

UPDATED*2023* – 34 Wallbridge Loyalist Road, Belleville Ontario

Bring your bottles back to your local Beer Store:

If all else fails, you can always bring your deposit bottles back to The Beer Store for a partial refund. Also, don’t forget that you can bring bottles from the LCBO to the beer store to claim your deposit return as well.

If you are ever unsure of how to dispose of glass bottles or other recyclables, you can learn more about your municipalities recycling requirements online.

You can contact Quinte Waste Solutions directly via phone: (613) 394-6266

Learn more about sorting your blue box here.

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