A Straightforward Approach to a Low-Waste Lifestyle

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A Straightforward Approach to a Low-Waste Lifestyle

We want to change how people view recycling.

Our Climate is changing. There is no doubt about it. From mass droughts and devastating weather events, to record temperatures, we are watching our world change.

But what can we do to help and why is climate change so significant? Simply put, our climate will not change or fix itself. We have to make conscious choices to make a difference. All of this starts with the efforts you make in your daily life.

Recycling is one of the best and easiest ways to do your part. Living waste free is next to impossible. However, we have created a straightforward approach to living a low-waste lifestyle.

Rethink and recycle

Here’s how:

Rethink + Recycle ♻️:

It’s up to everyone in our communities to reimagine how we live in our day-to-day lives. If we can reduce our intake, we WILL reduce waste! Avoiding single-use products is the best place to get started. Ask yourself: “Do I need this product? What purpose does this product serve? Do I already have something that offers what this product does?”

Reimagine + Redesign 🤔:

The goal is to be selective and certain with the products we rely on. There are a lot of companies actively designing and producing products that rethink the way we use them. These products are designed to last longer and/or serve multiple purposes. These products can be made on a small and large scale. Think about buying products that may be made from recycled materials like clothing, water bottles, and other products you may use in your everyday life.

Reduce + Refuse 🚫:

Saying no to products that don’t serve as a long-lasting alternative is enormous! This idea can definitely make a difference. Buying products that have a long lifespan is important because it means less garbage every day. Avoid using products like paper cups, paper towels etc., and consider buying reusable products that last for years and years!

Recycle + Repair ♻️:

Whether you are buying personal items or single-use products it is important to reuse what you can. Buying second-hand clothes or repairing old furniture is a great place to get started! Another great way to contribute is to donate your unwanted belongings to people and places in need. Not only do these products’ lifespans get extended but it allows us to spread community awareness and resources.

What next?:

It is important to understand that every effort makes a difference. Taking the time to learn, educate, and share will change how our world views climate change. Understanding that we have no choice but to be environmentally conscious is the only place to start.

So, next time you are considering bringing a new product home with you, think twice. Some products we need and some products we truly don’t. Following our approach to a low-waste lifestyle will help you reimagine recycling in no time.

Happy recycling!

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