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Mandatory Personal Protective Equipment

All persons entering onto Quinte Waste Solutions Property must report to the QWS Office (wearing a face mask), sign In and where required received a safety briefing and wear the following Personal Protective Equipment:

  • Face mask before entering the office
  • CSA approved green patchwork boots(toe caps available)
  • CSA approved safety glasses
  • CSA or ANSI Class 2 High Visibility Clothing or Vest
  • Hearing Protection (when required)
  • Approved work gloves (when required)
  • Approved hard hat (where required)
  • Stay with QWS staff where required
Please read our Face Covering Requirements before visiting our Material Recovery Facility.
  • Once permission is given to proceed to the back yard: drive in slowly by going over the scale coming to a full stop until the light flashes.
  • Once in the yard: WAIT your turn, follow the Code of Conduct – politeness, courtesy, professionalism and consideration are required at all times – report all incidents to your supervisor or the front office of Quinte Waste Solutions. The equipment operator in the yard will communicate with the driver of the vehicle entering the Material Recovery Facility (MRF).  This will be done through verbal, horn, or hand communication: wait your turn, follow directions.
  • If you are staying in the yard, stay in your turn! Ensure you yield to all others exiting and sound your vehicle’s horn at all corners and stops.
  • Keep a safe distance of at least 15 feet (4.5 meters) between all vehicles through the property.
  • Drivers backing into the building must sound horn twice (only).  Drivers are not to use cellular phones or have truck radio playing.  Full attention must be directed to the backing maneuver and the equipment operator at all times.
  • Report any damage immediately to the General Manager. Ensure that equipment has exited the tipping floor before entering and, if appropriate, that your truck body is lowered completely when entering and exiting the building, the bustle must also be closed.
  • Watch for people walking in the area! They have priority at all times.
  • Active Area is the entire yard: staff, trucks, operators, and outside contractors traverse the area constantly throughout the day.  It is very important that personnel using this area remain alert at all times. Watch for moving trucks, people and equipment.
  • No more than three vehicles are allowed in the backyard at any one time. Excess vehicles are to traverse the area and exit the south gate forming a line along Chester Street in their turn, once one vehicle leaves the next vehicle in line may enter and start the dumping process.  This applies to all vehicles using this facility to drop off materials of any kind.
  • Good communication between the QWS office, drivers, depot attendant and equipment operators are vital.
  • No smoking, of any kind, including vaping, is allowed anywhere on the QWS property except for the one designated smoking area at the south-east corner of the property.
  • Scavenging is prohibited.
  • EXIT by driving slowly out of the yard; when it is your turn, go over the scale slowly; come to a full stop until the light flashes. DO NOT REMOVE ANY PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT UNTIL YOU HAVE EXITED THE QWS PROPERTY.

By signing the visitor sign-in sheet you are legally agreeing that you understand and will obey what is required of you on the property at 270 West St. Trenton, ON. Quinte Waste Solutions and GFL Environmental Inc. will not be held accountable for your negligence.

For a download of this information, please click here: Mandatory Yard Procedure.