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Holiday Recycling

The gift-giving holiday season is upon us! And with gifts, comes packaging”lots of it. It’s important to pay attention to some of the items we buy, and how we can dispose of the packaging that these items come in. The good news is that you can recycle A LOT of this packaging.  Let’s take a… Continue reading Holiday Recycling

Prince Edward County – Back to Bi-Weekly

Prince Edward County (PEC) will be returning to bi-weekly blue box collection on October 30th, 2017. Trucks may begin their days at different spots on their collection route, so please be sure to have your blue box to the curb by 7AM on your collection day to avoid being missed. – Purchase a new or… Continue reading Prince Edward County – Back to Bi-Weekly

Broken Blue Box Exchange Day!

On Saturday July 29th from 10am-2pm at the Madoc and District Recreation Centre on Cooper Rd., bring us your broken blue box for a new one for no charge. We can only accept standard and tall curbside blue boxes. This event is to service our northern municipalities including Marmora and Lake, Madoc Township, Centre Hastings,… Continue reading Broken Blue Box Exchange Day!

Black Plastic Is Garbage.

black plastic header

It’s nearing that time when a lot of us, including myself, start to get ready for another gardening season.  And with gardening, comes mounds upon mounds of plastic planters, pots, and bags.  Are they recyclable? The answer is ‘it depends’. Black plastic is not accepted in the blue box. Black plastic pots and planters, foam… Continue reading Black Plastic Is Garbage.

New to Quinte? Sort Your Recycling.


  If you’re new to the Quinte area, chances are, you’re not used to separating your recycling. And if you’re not used to our type of system, you probably have a bright green sticker on your bag or blue box. If you’ve moved to the area from Toronto or Northumberland County, you’re used to being… Continue reading New to Quinte? Sort Your Recycling.

Many Happy Returns

I was made aware about Many Happy Returns after talking to David Mackay from 99.3 CountyFM in Picton ON. He sent me a press release and I just had to share.  We think this is a great initiative by a truly upstanding citizen, and I hope you feel the same. We’re excited that citizens are… Continue reading Many Happy Returns

WINTER IS COMING – Recycling Tips

Winter Recycling Below are some tips to make recycling in the winter months easy. Keep it on the curb – Never put your blue boxes on top of a snowbank.  Our drivers are not permitted to climb snowbanks to retrieve blue boxes.  This is a health and safety issue, and a time issue.  Our drivers… Continue reading WINTER IS COMING – Recycling Tips

Boxes are Better than Bags

Recycling bags. They’re a problem. We’re not talking about grocery bags that we ask residents to stuff into one, and put on top of their blue boxes. We’re talking about using curbside recycling bags in lieu of blue boxes. The Quinte recycling service was designed and developed in 1990 for blue boxes to be used… Continue reading Boxes are Better than Bags

Aluminum cans…the bottom line.

We need to talk about aluminum cans in the blue box, and it’s not going to be easy.  Because with aluminum cans in the blue box, comes scavenging.  And scavenging, faithful reader, is a sensitive issue. Aluminum cans are the bread and butter in the municipal recycling world. Aluminum markets are strong, meaning we see… Continue reading Aluminum cans…the bottom line.

The Setout Challenge!

We’ve teamed up with the City of Belleville, Rock 107, Mix 97, and CJBQ during Waste Reduction Week to hold a Setout Challenge to residents in Belleville! During Waste Reduction Week (October20-26th, 2014), we’ll be handing out an indoor blue box, one garbage bag tag, and a pack of compost bags to residents in Belleville*… Continue reading The Setout Challenge!

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