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Flooded Area on Hwy 33

County Road 33, near Sonoco, has been repaired and re-opened. Your regular curbside collection for recycling will now resume. Please place your properly sorted blue boxed on the curb, no later than 7 am in the morning, on your regularly scheduled collection day. As a reminder, tall blue boxes (higher than 13″) are for PLASTIC… Continue reading Flooded Area on Hwy 33

What Are Single Use Plastics?

What Are Single-Use Plastics? Single-use plastics (SUPs), also referred to as disposable plastics, are used only once before they become trash or recycled. These include, among other items: Plastic shopping bags Straws Coffee stirrers Keurig K-Cups Water bottles Most food packaging (such as tubs and lids, etc) Polystyrene (found in cups, plates, take-out containers and… Continue reading What Are Single Use Plastics?

What Happens To My Recycling?

What happens to my recycling. Stewardship Ontario.

What Happens To My Recycling? Our Recycling Facility located at 270 West Street in Trenton is considered a dual-stream system. This means residents use *two containers and separate recyclables into two categories: ‘Containers’ and ‘Fibres’. By sorting your recyclables by type, you can help to cut down on recycling waste and increase the amount of recoverable… Continue reading What Happens To My Recycling?

Five Tips for Safe and Easy Battery Recycling

With changes to the Battery Collection program, we wanted to share the five tips for safe and easy battery recycling in preparation for our Fall Battery Collection. Here are the top 5 tips from Call2Recycle: Safety first! Be sure to safely prep your batteries. There are two options: bag or tape. Option A: Bag each… Continue reading Five Tips for Safe and Easy Battery Recycling

Repurposing a Tarp

#depotdonts; blue tarp, not recyclable; quinte waste solutions; recycling, blue box program

Can My Tarp Be Recycled? After a lot of use, your tarp is worn, faded, or damaged. You need to dispose of it. You wonder can you recycle a tarp? The answer is no. But that doesn’t mean your relationship with your tarp needs to end here. There are so many wonderful ways you can… Continue reading Repurposing a Tarp

Victoria Day Collection — NO CHANGE

There is no change to victoria day collection

NO CHANGE TO MONDAY’S COLLECTION. If you have regular collection on Mondays, your recycling will be picked up on Victoria Day – Monday, May 20th, 2019. This also will not affect the remainder of the week’s regular scheduled collections.  

Belleville Flooded Areas – Announcement

Start date: May 3, 2019 End date: To Be Determined -RECYCLING ROUTES FOR FLOODED AREAS- Effective immediately: For residents affected by the flooding in the Municipality of Belleville (see affected areas below), please have your properly sorted recycling in your recycling containers (Blue Box) delivered to the south-east corner of St. Paul Street and South… Continue reading Belleville Flooded Areas – Announcement

Black Plastic is SO Five Minutes Ago!

  It’s nearing that time when a lot of us, including myself, start to get ready for another gardening season.  With gardening, comes mounds upon mounds of plastic planters, pots, and bags.  Are they recyclable? The answer is ‘it depends’ – black plastic is not accepted in the blue box. Black Materials Black plastic pots… Continue reading Black Plastic is SO Five Minutes Ago!

Tall Blue Boxes – Let’s Keep It Light!

Our Tall Blue Boxes can pack a lot of weight! Because of this, we have hot stamped on the side ‘PLASTIC & METAL CONTAINERS ONLY’. All paper materials must be placed in the smaller blue box. When the tall blue box becomes full of papers, especially wet papers when it rains, it can cause a… Continue reading Tall Blue Boxes – Let’s Keep It Light!

Prince Edward County: Weekly Collection All Year Long!

We have good news: Quinte Waste Solutions will now be collecting the recycling on a weekly basis all year long. Previously, Prince Edward County has been subject to bi-weekly collection in the winter months. Now, we will be able to collect the recycling every week. Residents are asked to put their properly sorted recycling out… Continue reading Prince Edward County: Weekly Collection All Year Long!

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