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Battery Collection is Back!


Battery Bag Collection returns November 4 – 15, 2019!

Gather up your spent batteries. This is a great opportunity to declutter. Place your AA, AAA, C, D, 9V, 96, and button cell batteries in a plastic, resealable bag. Ensure that 9V, 96, and button cell batteries are covered with masking tape on the exposed terminals (the top part of the 9V and 96, the exposed metal back of the button cell battery). If you don’t have a resealable sandwich size bag, stop by Quinte Waste Solutions at 270 West St. in Trenton to pick up a bag while quantities last.

Place your bag of batteries on top of your sorted “papers” blue box. Ensuring that the bags are placed in a clear resealable bag will allow the drivers to see what is in the bag, and putting it on top of your papers will allow the drivers to see it easily and sort it into a special spot in their recycling trucks. Put the bag of batteries on top of your papers blue box on your regular collection day between April 8th and 19th.

Lastly, and most importantly, feel good about recycling!

Why should you recycle your batteries? Here are 3 benefits:

1. Reducing Waste
Even though household batteries are generally small, over time they build up in the landfills. Consider the number of batteries you use, and how many batteries would end up in landfills if everyone’s batteries ended up in the garbage. It’s no secret that landfills are filling up, and the problems associated with garbage like habitat loss, pollutants, and public health problems associated with pollutants.  The environmental footprint of creating new materials is an additional negative impact on our environment that can be avoided through recycling batteries.

2. Environmental Safety
Some of the materials found in batteries can be dangerous if they are not properly disposed of. Chemicals that can contaminate the environment found in batteries are lead, mercury, and cadmium. Each of these poses a negative effect on our environment. Let’s keep our communities clean and free of potentially harmful chemicals. When you recycle your batteries through this program, 100% of each alkaline battery is reused by the RMC (Raw Materials Company) in Port Colborne, Ontario.

3. Conservation of Materials
In order to be resource-efficient, it is more proactive to use the chemicals and metals in the batteries over again. With RMC, you can feel safe and confident knowing that the material of the batteries will be reused!

Missed battery collection? Don’t fret! We take them during business hours at our facility in Trenton at 270 West Street or our Household Hazardous Waste Depot at 75 Wallbridge Cres in Belleville.