Commercial Recycling

Recycling Matters

Does your business or organization have a significant quantity of line or production waste? Quinte Waste Solutions’ Commercial Recycling Services pays competitive rates on various material types. Consider turning your waste into a valuable commodity. Check out our Tips and Rebate sheet for the latest pricing, updated monthly.

What is the IC&I program?

The Industrial, Commercial and Institutional Recycling Program (IC&I) is meant for small to medium size businesses that are too big for residential curbside pick up but too small to employ large and costly external recyclers.
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How does it work?

Quinte Waste Solutions staff will place 95-gallon containers on wheels at your location at no charge. These bins remain the property of Quinte Waste Solutions. Labels on the lids of the bins signify what material can be deposited in each bin. The usual set-up is to have 2 bins for FIBRES (newspapers, boxboard, flyers, etc.) and 2 bins for CONTAINERS (plastic bottles and plastic jars, tin cans, aluminum cans, etc.). Office paper, shredded or not, must be bagged separately in clear plastic bags. Our commercial driver will pick up your recyclables in the bins provided by Quinte Waste Solutions on a schedule to be agreed upon and according to your needs.

What will it cost?

There is a charge of $47.64 for every 6 bins picked up at a time. If additional bins are required (from 7 to 12), an additional fee of $27.00 is applicable for each pick-up. Charges are accumulated quarterly and billed every three months unless otherwise requested. Payment is due within 30 days.

What is the schedule?

Frequency is flexible and will depend on the volume of recyclables you may generate. This could be done weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or on call – as required.

How can I get started?

Call Quinte Waste Solutions at (613) 394-6266 or contact us.

Why should my business use Commercial Recycling?

Aside from the desire to be “GREEN” that everyone understands, there is a cost that businesses must bear for disposal of waste. In today’s tough economic times, businesses need to look at all expenses affecting the bottom line. Recycling costs less than garbage. Your business would also be shrinking its eco-footprint and showing itself to be a good corporate citizen. Going Green is the right thing to do!
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