Going Blue In The Loo

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Going Blue In The Loo

Going Blue In The Loo

Going blue in the loo is easier than you think! Most people shy away from it because who wants to think of ‘reusing’ anything that’s in the bathroom. Good news! We’ve compiled a list of easy to do tasks that will get you started on a greener bathroom.

No. 1 – Start with Reducing Waste

The first place to start is looking at the products you’re buying. If you want to be waste-free, try to purchase products that have less packaging. Buying soap from local producers or even from your local bulk or natural product store gives you the opportunity to purchase products with less packaging. Another option – make your own! It’s becoming more trendy to have homemade products in the home. Why not make your own, and once you get good at it, create yourself a side hustle.

No. 2 – Put a Blue Box In Your Bathroom

Having a bin or box in your bathroom for your recyclable materials makes it immediately more convenient to recycle in the loo. Whether it’s an actual small blue box that you can purchase from us ($5 each) or a box you purchase from the dollar store, they’ll all work. Just make sure you buy one that fits your space. Put it under your sink or in your linen closet – if there’s no room in the bathroom.

No. 3 – Find Out What’s Recyclable

There are a surprisingly large amount of items that are recyclable that are in your bathroom. Here’s a list of the most common things found in the loo that are blue box material:

  • Shampoo and conditioner bottles
  • Hand Soap bottles
  • Mouthwash bottles
  • Toothpaste boxes
  • Toilet paper rolls
  • Kleenex boxes
  • Makeup boxes

No. 4 – Know What’s Trash

It’s important to remember that not all plastic is recyclable. Always double check plastic bottles to make sure it has the recycling symbol with the number 1, 2, 4, 5, or 6. If there is no number or, the number is 3 or 7, it belongs in the trash. Other notable items that don’t go in the blue box are:

  • Razors
  • Loofahs and sponges
  • Toothpaste tubes
  • Makeup brushes
  • Mascara tubes and wands
  • Used paper products (Kleenex, toilet paper)
  • New or used wet wipes (makeup remover wipes, baby wipes, cleaning wipes)

No. 5 – Other Things You Can Do

The ways in which you can make your bathroom greener, besides bringing in a recycling bin, are endless:

  • Remove single-use plastics: when your toothbrush or hairbrushes need replacing, opt for the wooden alternatives.
  • Time for a new loofah? Replace it with a biodegradable, natural alternative.
  • Buy organic cotton swabs. They are made out of cotton and (usually) bamboo.
  • Menstrual products such as cups, underwear and ‘mama cloth‘ are on the rise too.
  • Organic cotton pads for makeup removal.
  • Use tried and true hot water and soap to keep your bathroom sparkly, instead of harmful chemicals.

Small steps to ‘Going Blue in the Loo’ really is key to making your way to a waste-free bathroom. Once you realize how easy it is, you’ll start to look for more ways to be greener in the rest of your home.

Be sure to follow us for more information on how to live a green life! And remember, once that bathroom blue box is full, take it to your curbside blue boxes and sort it into the proper bins.

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