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Many Happy Returns

I was made aware about Many Happy Returns after talking to David Mackay from 99.3 CountyFM in Picton ON. He sent me a press release and I just had to share.  We think this is a great initiative by a truly upstanding citizen, and I hope you feel the same. We’re excited that citizens are doing their part by keeping deposit-return bottles out of the blue box!

Feel free to spread the word about Many Happy Returns “gifting for a greener tomorrow”

Submitted By David Mackay:

Starting a small business is always a daunting and challenging task. It is even more so if the business owner has intellectual challenges. Nevertheless, with the help of family and friends, David Hepburn, a resident of a Community Living group home in Picton Ontario, has started an innovative project called MANY HAPPY RETURNS. Three times a week David and an assistant travel throughout the County picking up returnable bottles. But what makes this project really unique is that the money raised is donated to local charities.

The concept grew out of David’s exceptionalities, which Included an obsession with sorting, organizing and counting. During his weekly visits home to his parents, Noreen Vader and David Mackay he demonstrated a keen interest in organizing beer and wine bottles and returning them to the Beer Store for what he called ” winning money”. It was a wonderful social outing for him as well as the staff always greeted him with a welcome reminiscent of a “Cheers” episode.

An opportunity to expand this weekly ritual presented itself through an article in a local paper that described the extensive cost to taxpayers of returnable bottles that were put in the recycle bins. With the help of friends and family David began to travel about the County picking up bottles. The project began to gain momentum when he used the first $100.00 of his business as a donation to an innovative housing project sponsored by Community Living. Each month he hopes to make a similar donation to a different charity.

Various local businesses rallied behind the idea and a van has been purchased and logos designed so that he could get his message out . ” It is truly another example of how the people of Prince Edward County will always support a worthwhile cause, said his mother Noreen Vader. The concept is simple but will have many benefits for the community and for David as he sets out to pay it forward to the community that has been so good to him.

Those interested in this service can contact Many Happy Returns at 613 968 0181 or through David Hepburns Facebook page, where future donations will also be announced. As well if residents have an idea for a local charity that could benefit from this service suggestions are welcome.


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