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Event Recycling Guidelines


Special events and recycling go hand in hand. Events typically involve a lot of waste from vendors, water bottles, packaging of all kinds and more. In order to properly divert as much waste as possible AND save costs for garbage disposal, we help you by offering our recycling services for your next event. Not only is it a cost-saving initiative, but it will also provide event attendees with a positive outlook on your event planning and environmental consideration. The use of our carts is ABSOLUTELY FREE if you can pick up and return them yourself. If you are unable to do this, Quinte Waste Solutions can do this for you for a fee (see pricing on the agreement form at the end of this booklet). Please note carts will already be bagged (54” x 78” clear plastic bags) and lids locked down prior to the event using a zip tie.

Get recycling set up at your next event by following these simple steps:

  1. Call Quinte Waste Solutions to book recycling containers to use at your event. Please book as early as possible no later than 2 weeks before your event. Or complete the form at the back of this booklet and return to Quinte Waste Solutions.
  2. Make sure volunteers and staff are able to distribute the recycling carts, and empty carts when they are full. Staff will need to re-line the carts and lock the lids down at your own expense.
  3. When distributing the recycling carts, it is wise to place them next to a garbage container so people don’t throw garbage into the recycling and contaminate the clean materials.
  4. Signs to advertise and promote recycling throughout the event is a great idea.
  5. When setting up the recycling carts for the event, remember to use clear recycling bags to put inside of the carts.
When planning on recycling with us, here’s a list of helpful tips:
  • Make sure you have a staff member or volunteer who will oversee the implementation of this program.
  • Use a timeline to coordinate drop off and pick up of the recycling.
  • Invite other staff members/volunteers to participate by helping to encourage attendees to recycle.
  • Plan to have the recycling emptied if necessary.
  • During and after the event, monitor and evaluate the recycling program for future event needs.
What to Recycle:

For our Event Recycling Program, we only accept bottles, cans, and cardboard to ensure that the material is clean and can be properly recycled. Most food containers and other paper materials are soiled at events and therefore cannot be recycled.

We are looking to recycle:
  • Aluminum cans
  • Plastic bottles
  • Tin containers
  • Cardboard

It is important that all items are empty and relatively clean. When materials are dirty they cannot be recycled.

Cardboard should be placed in bundles next to the recycling bins for collection. Only corrugated cardboard will be accepted.

Recycling Carts

Recycling carts are free to use at your event. If delivery is required to your event location a $40 fee applies for each round trip. If you would like to save money carts can be picked up at 270 West St. Trenton at no charge. There is no additional cost associated with processing recycling, it is a win for the environment and for your event budget!

EVENT CARTS – available to use and easy to move around. When these are delivered or picked up they will each be lined with a clear plastic bag and the flanged lid will be tied down to keep unwanted items out. The event carts are for plastic bottles and cans ONLY.

Here are some tips for locating your recycling carts
  • Place recycling containers in high traffic areas next to garbage cans. The best locations for recycling bins and garbage cans are near food vendors, entrances, exits). It is important to ensure that recycling carts are in a convenient location.
  • Choose garbage cans that look different from our recycling bins to help ensure that no garbage and food waste goes into the recycling carts. Typically, black cans or bins for garbage provide a visual cue for attendees that it is meant for garbage.
  • Our recycling carts have specific tops that are meant for bottles and cans which helps send a message to attendees of your event.
Vendors and Staff

Make sure that all event staff and volunteers are briefed on recycling, with information on what is to be recycled and where the recycling carts and trailer will be located. Additionally, it could be beneficial to promote and encourage recycling at your event to attract green-minded people.

Staff should be prepared to empty recycling carts in a designated area when required. Staff should also be instructed on where to place the carts for recycling pick up at the end of the event.

Contracting with Quinte Waste Solutions

In order to organize recycling at your next event, fill out the agreement form attached below. If you have any questions about recycling at your event, please call 613 394 6266 ext 29.

Getting the Carts on Site

We will need at least two weeks’ notice to ensure we can set up at your event. There is a possibility that the event carts will already be reserved, so make sure you call as soon as possible. Please ensure someone is on site to inform us of where the carts will be dropped off.

Please note there is an $100 charge for lost/stolen/damaged recycling carts.

After the Event

Once your event is over and clean up has ended, place the carts back to the location where they were dropped off. Somebody will return to collect the carts and recycling the following week.


To download the full guidelines with the application, please click here.

To download the application only, please click here.