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Battery Bag Collection Returns

From November 5th to 16th, we will be collecting spent household batteries from residents. Place your spent household batteries in a clear bag. Recycle your bag of batteries by putting this bag on top of your papers blue box. Put your AA, AAA, C, D, 9V, 96, and button cell batteries in a plastic, resealable… Continue reading Battery Bag Collection Returns

Prince Edward County: Weekly Collection All Year Long!

We have good news: Quinte Waste Solutions will now be collecting the recycling on a weekly basis all year long. Previously, Prince Edward County has been subject to bi-weekly collection in the winter months. Now, we will be able to collect the recycling every week. Residents are asked to put their properly sorted recycling out… Continue reading Prince Edward County: Weekly Collection All Year Long!

The History of Waste and Recycling

Recycling is a part of our everyday lives – but do you know how it all started? Although the recycling process as we know it only began about 40 years ago, the concept of reusing materials has been around for thousands of years. In 1031 A.D., the first evidence of recycling was recorded. The Japanese… Continue reading The History of Waste and Recycling

Secrets from the Sort Line

Have you ever wondered what happens to your recycling after it is collected? At the Material Recovery Facility, workers on the sort line spend hours each day sorting the material by hand. This job involves some unpleasant surprises, ripping open bags of material, and wondering what hazards may be hidden in the recycling. To find… Continue reading Secrets from the Sort Line

Recycling and a Zero Waste Lifestyle

Living a zero waste lifestyle is a change many people are making. At Quinte Waste Solutions we had the pleasure of speaking to Laura Nash from Zero Waste Countdown Podcast and radio show and asked her a little bit about her journey on becoming zero waste, the challenges she has faced, and how she has… Continue reading Recycling and a Zero Waste Lifestyle

Plastic is Everywhere, But Where Does it Come From?

Few products come in glass jars these days, and plastic plastic packaging is everywhere. The plastic bottle war has been going on for sometime now, but it’s not just water bottles that are the problem, from peanut butter jars to 2 litre coke bottles, these bottles are all made the same way. Regardless of the… Continue reading Plastic is Everywhere, But Where Does it Come From?

Environment Week Closing Blog

Environment week is coming to a close, but why not take the things we’ve learned to make every week environment week? Just in case you missed what has been discussed on social media @quinterecycles, we’ve summed it up here. This week we went over a lot, with the focus being on plastics. On Monday, we… Continue reading Environment Week Closing Blog

Waste Free Camping

The weather is finally warm, and the fear of stepping outside has vanished from our conscious. It is finally camping season. Is there anything better than being immersed in the great outdoors? For those who camp, you fully enjoy the sunshine, the forest scenery and of course the campfire stories. But what I’m sure you… Continue reading Waste Free Camping

25 Years of Hazardous Waste Recycling!

hazardous waste

Our Hazardous and Electronic Waste program is celebrating 25 years this year! That’s 25 amazing years of diverting hazardous material from our landfills and environment. To celebrate, we’d like to invite everyone who is serviced by Quinte Waste Solutions to visit our depot located at 75 Wallbridge Crescent in Belleville on June 2nd. Between 9… Continue reading 25 Years of Hazardous Waste Recycling!

The Struggle with Straws

It’s hard to imagine a time without straws, for 7,000 years people have been drinking out of straws. From fountain drinks to iced lattes, straws seem to be impossible to avoid.  Since the 1960’s plastic straws have made up 99% of the straw market and straw alternatives made of glass and metal only making up… Continue reading The Struggle with Straws