The Best Way to Recycle Deposit-Return Glass Bottles in 2023!

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The Best Way to Recycle Deposit-Return Glass Bottles in 2023!

Did you know that glass can be recycled endlessly? That’s right, glass does not wear down as a raw material. This means that glass can be recycled over and over again. But only if a bottle is not carelessly discarded. However, glass bottles are often among the lowest recovery rates of any material. Why? Because they are not recycled properly.

How To Recycle Glass Bottles Properly:

Believe it or not, putting your deposit-return bottles in your blue box is not ideal. While we do accept them in our Blue Box Program as of June 2023, there is a better way to ensure these bottles are recycled. It’s simple, bring them back to your local Beer Store! When you bring your deposit-return glass bottles to the beer store, you do your part to ensure the glass bottle(s), as a product, is recycled 100% of the time.

The Beer Store has a great online tool to help you find a local store: Store Locator Tool

In conclusion, we encourage all residents and businesses to think twice before recycling your deposit-return glass bottles in your blue box! And remember, every bottle you return to the beer store is rewarded with a monetary deposit refund! It’s a win-win!

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