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The following information is provided for Apartment and Depot recycling. If you live in an apartment and place your collected recycling into larger 95-gallon carts (large cart on wheels) located in a designated depot area, this should help you to organize the many materials that are accepted in our program.

If you are a rural resident and do not have access to curbside recycling. This is the sorting information you will need when you drop your materials off at one of our many Depots.

Click here to download our recycling sorting guide for apartments.

Are you looking for a neat solution for recycling corrugated cardboard at your institution, multi-residential or business? Consider acquiring one of our OCC Bins. They cost $3,445 plus HST each for you to own the bin. Each bin comes with lockable front doors, a slot which forces flattening to maximize the use while keeping the bin clean and neat. These bins are also pigeon-holed at one side, which allows for recyclables collection.