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blue box
Standard curbside Blue Box.
tall blue box
Tall curbside blue box for plastic and metal containers only.

You can purchase a curbside blue box, both tall and regular sized for $8.00 at our location on 270 West St. in Trenton. Laundry baskets, milk crates, Rubbermaid totes, etc. are not acceptable boxes. Please use a curbside blue box. Thinking of using bags? READ THIS FIRST

Curbside blue boxes are usually available from your local municipal office as well. While there is normally a fee of about $8.00, policies may vary from one municipality to the next.

You can purchase or exchange your broken blue box at any of the following locations.


  • Quinte Waste Solutions, 270 West St., Trenton
  • Village Green, 535 Ashley St. Foxboro
  • Prince Edward County Municipal Office, 332 Main St.
  • Rossmore Stop, Prince Edward County, 5529 Hwy 62
  • Marmora & Lake Municipal Office,12 Bursthall St.
  • Tyendinaga Municipal Office, 859 Melrose Rd.
  • Tweed Municipal Office, 255 Metcalfe St.
  • Centre Hastings Municipal Office, 7 Furnace St. Madoc
  • Frankford Municipal Office, Trent St.
  • Belleville Home Hardware Building Centre, Dundas St. E
  • Stirling-Rawdon Township Office, 14 Demorest Rd.
  • Madoc Township Office *Sell Only, 15651 Hwy 62 N

Other Boxes

The following are other types of boxes available for sale at our recycling plant in Trenton. These are not for curbside use.

  • Bathroom blue box. Put this little blue box in your bathroom, laundry room, etc. to make capturing recyclables easy – $5.00