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Repurposing a Tarp

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Can My Tarp Be Recycled? After a lot of use, your tarp is worn, faded, or damaged. You need to dispose of it. You wonder can you recycle a tarp? The answer is no. But that doesn’t mean your relationship with your tarp needs to end here. There are so many wonderful ways you can… Continue reading Repurposing a Tarp

Black Plastic is SO Five Minutes Ago!

  It’s nearing that time when a lot of us, including myself, start to get ready for another gardening season.  With gardening, comes mounds upon mounds of plastic planters, pots, and bags.  Are they recyclable? The answer is ‘it depends’ – black plastic is not accepted in the blue box. Black Materials Black plastic pots… Continue reading Black Plastic is SO Five Minutes Ago!

New to Quinte? Sort Your Recycling.


  If you’re new to the Quinte area, chances are, you’re not used to separating your recycling. And if you’re not used to our type of system, you probably have a bright green sticker on your bag or blue box. If you’ve moved to the area from Toronto or Northumberland County, you’re used to being… Continue reading New to Quinte? Sort Your Recycling.

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