Tall Blue Boxes – Let’s Keep It Light!

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Tall Blue Boxes – Let’s Keep It Light!

Our Tall Blue Boxes can pack a lot of weight! Because of this, we have hot stamped on the side ‘PLASTIC & METAL CONTAINERS ONLY’.

All paper materials must be placed in the smaller blue box. When the tall blue box becomes full of papers, especially wet papers when it rains, it can cause a health and safety risks to our drivers.

Due to a workplace injury, this policy is now being enforced. Tall blue boxes containing materials other than plastic and metal will not be accepted. If you have been placing your papers in the tall blue box, with no issues, please note they will NOT be picked up now.

Tall blue boxes can be exchanged, free of charge, at your local exchange station. For more information regarding our Blue Box Program, please see our information about Sorting Your Blue Boxes.

Thanks for your cooperation!

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