The Ultimate Guide to Recycling on a Windy Day:

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The Ultimate Guide to Recycling on a Windy Day:

Windy weather makes recycling much trickier. Here is the ultimate 3 tip guide to ensure your recycling doesn’t blow away on a windy day!

Tip 1: Out Before 7 AM
Did you know that your recycling driver starts their day collecting at 7 AM? If the forecast says wet and windy, place your Blue Boxes at the curb just before 7 AM. This tip ensures that your Blue Box is not facing the elements for too long.

Tip 2: Condense your Recyclables

Cans, bottles, and containers that can be crushed, should be crushed! Condensing your recyclables makes them more dense and less likely to blow away. 

Tip 3: Weigh it Down
You can put your glass bottles and jars securely on top of your papers/fibres Blue Box. This is the safest way to ensure your lightweight recyclables stay inside your blue box. 
Bonus tip – Placing glass on top of your papers also makes it easier for your driver to sort glass recyclables safely! Just remember, broken glass goes into the garbage only!

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