Top 5 Summer Tips

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Top 5 Summer Tips

Quinte Waste Solutions’ Top Five Summer Tips:

  1. Make the Most of your Depot Visits!

    Have Electronic and Hazardous Waste? Consider the Belleville Depot over our Trenton location! Reminder that our Mobile Events only except Hazardous Waste, with the exception of motor oil, and no Electronics.

  2. Stay Safe, Especially with your Medical Waste:

    Masks NEVER go in the recycling, and medical waste including syringes and gloves must be disposed of properly.

  3. Black Plastics and Styrofoams:

    These dark-coloured materials are not accepted in our program. Some garden centres however take back planter pots!

  4. Reuse before your Recycle:

    If you can, consider buying products that can be reused! If not, consider reusing an old cereal box to hold the reset of your boxbord in your Blue Bin! This trick works for all materials that are alike. For example, you could also put grocery bags into a clean milk bag, and into your Blue Bin for collection.

  5. Non-Household Items:

    A reminder that our curbside collection program and depots are for household waste diversion. For commercial inquiries, please contact us: 613-394-6266.

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