Tour the Hazardous Waste Depot GIF style!

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Tour the Hazardous Waste Depot GIF style!

Welcome to the full service, drive-thru Household Hazardous and Electronic Waste depot located at 75 Wallbridge Crescent in Belleville. The depot is open to all residents serviced by Quinte Waste Solutions. Hours vary depending on the time of year, so be sure to save your household hazardous and electronic waste calendar that is mailed out every year in March. If you do not have a schedule you can click here to download a copy.


Please be advised that there is absolutely no smoking allowed once you enter the depot’s yard.

Keep scrolling for a quick tour!










Step One: Keep Right

When you enter the yard, drive slowly and keep to the right of the dome. Do NOT drive into the dome.
















Step Two: Stop

When you come to the stop sign be sure to come to a complete stop. Wait for a staff member to approach your vehicle. They will ask you a few questions such as the municipality where you reside, what types of materials you are bringing for proper disposal, etc. They will then direct you where to go next. Do NOT get out of your vehicle.













Step Three: E-Waste

If you are bringing electronic waste, your first stop in the depot is the electronics bin. Stop when you get to the bin and wait to be directed by a staff member. DO NOT exit your vehicle. Staff will take your e-waste for you. (If the e-waste material is particularly large and/or heavy we will ask the resident to assist with unloading). You will then be asked to proceed into the dome to dispose of any hazardous waste.














Step Four: Into the depot

Slowly pull through the gates into the dome. A staff member will direct you how far to pull up before stopping. DO NOT get out of your vehicle.
















Step 5: Put car in park

Once you stop, put your car in park and pop your trunk. DO NOT get out of your vehicle. Let staff take your material out of your vehicle for you.















Step 6: Sorting

Staff set your hazardous waste on a table and sort it into different categories to be recycled or safely disposed of.


Please note that some containers of hazardous waste cannot be returned (e.g. gas cans).













Step 7: Safely exit the depot

Safely pull out of the depot and watch for other traffic pulling in.

Using the hazardous and electronic waste depot is free of charge for residents, however donations are greatly appreciated to help improve the program.



Although motor oil cannot be accepted at mobile events, the depot in Belleville does. Please note that there is a maximum limit of 200L in containers no larger than 20L .

Ask for an Orange Box. This box makes it easy to transport your hazardous waste to the depot, and staff can quickly grab your waste and return your container. This helps long lines move quickly and also keeps hazardous waste from leaking into your vehicle.

Be sure to check the hours of the depot here. And remember to mark your calendars for our ReUSe Days. Any material that comes to the depot and can be reused is set aside for our once-a-month reuse days open to residents we service. ReUse days are also free of charge however a donation to the local foodbank is always encouraged.

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