Waste Reduction Week: Simple Tips to Make Recycling Day Easier

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Waste Reduction Week: Simple Tips to Make Recycling Day Easier

Household recycling can often leave us asking questions. Am I doing this right? Where does my recycling end up? Why didn’t my blue boxes get collected? How do I get a new blue box?

During Waste Reduction Week, Quinte Waste Solutions shines light on its founding initiative; to keep reusable materials out of landfills. With this, waste reduction week is a great time to focus on the fundamentals of recycling.

Am I sorting my recycling properly? If you are feeling discontented with your recycling day routine, consult one of our many resources to learn exactly how to recycle like a pro!

Visit our website, QuinteRecycling.org whenever you have questions about blue box recycling. More specifically you can consult our Recycling Guide: Download Now

Where does my recycling end up? All of the recyclable material Quinte Waste Solutions collects ends up at our Material Recovery Facility (MRF for short). Once our drivers sort and collect all of the blue boxes on their routes, they deliver the material to our MRF. From here the materials are separated and sorted to be baled, sold, and then shipped to companies that use the materials to produce new products.

Why didn’t my blue box(s) get collected this week? Blue Boxes can be left behind and not collected for many reasons. The most common reason for this is an obvious one, the material inside the boxes was not sorted properly or the materials inside the box are simply not recyclable. If you find your blue box with a sticker/tag on it, please follow the directions on the sticker/tag.

It is also very important to make sure that your blue boxes are out before 7 AM. Our collections drivers start their day very early and their routes start at 7 AM.

If you do not find a sticker/tag on the blue box, please contact us directly at: +1 (613) 394-6266 x0

How do I replace my broken blue box? If you have a damaged blue box, you can bring it to us directly to exchange it for a free one. Click here to see a list of places where you can exchange your damaged blue box for free.

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