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Christmas Wrapping: What’s In and What’s Out

This Christmas season make sure to continue to be a great recycler, thats one way to stay on Santa’s “nice” list! Properly dispose of packaging and decorations and think of alternatives to garbage to build new traditions that have the environment in mind. 1. Only recycle what we can recycle. That means only put the… Continue reading Christmas Wrapping: What’s In and What’s Out

Environmental Tips for a “Green” Christmas

Christmas brings new ways to incorporate green thinking into our traditions. This year, get creative and consider the environment when decorating, buying presents, or planning for social events. Here are some ideas that are great for the environment and our budgets around the holidays. 1.  Fabric gift wrap Wrapping with single-use paper, bows, and strings… Continue reading Environmental Tips for a “Green” Christmas

Holiday Recycling Collection Schedule

When Is Your Recycling Going to be Picked Up? Holiday Recycling Collection Schedule for the 2019 Holiday Season is as follows: Wednesday, December 25th collection will be on Saturday, December 21st. Wednesday, January 1st, 2020 collection will be on Saturday, December 28th, 2019. NEW DATE ADDED – For those affected by the above dates, we… Continue reading Holiday Recycling Collection Schedule

Battery Collection is Back!

**BATTERY COLLECTION IS OVER** Battery Bag Collection returns November 4 – 15, 2019! Gather up your spent batteries. This is a great opportunity to declutter. Place your AA, AAA, C, D, 9V, 96, and button cell batteries in a plastic, resealable bag. Ensure that 9V, 96, and button cell batteries are covered with masking tape… Continue reading Battery Collection is Back!

Waste Reduction Week in Canada

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! It’s Waste Reduction Week in Canada this week from October 21-27, 2019. What does that mean? It means every week is waste reduction week, but this week, in particular, we put special emphasis on specific ways we can reduce waste. Focusing solely on the principles of circular economy, resource efficiency and waste… Continue reading Waste Reduction Week in Canada

Reducing Waste in Schools

Kids and Waste When we think of our kids, we might think they don’t create much waste. I mean, they’re so little, right? Unfortunately, that’s not accurate. Between school lunches, homework, craft supplies, science projects – all that material adds up! Here’s how you can start reducing waste in schools. Lunches Every year, each elementary… Continue reading Reducing Waste in Schools

Going Blue In The Loo

Going Blue In The Loo Going blue in the loo is easier than you think! Most people shy away from it because who wants to think of ‘reusing’ anything that’s in the bathroom. Good news! We’ve compiled a list of easy to do tasks that will get you started on a greener bathroom. No. 1… Continue reading Going Blue In The Loo

We Need Your Help – Name Our Podcast!

We Are Launching a Podcast! We Need Your Help – Name Our Podcast! Starting this Fall, we are recording a bi-weekly podcast about the seven R’s of sustainability – reduce, reuse, recycle, repurpose, return, refuse and rot. This will also be an excellent opportunity to speak with local residents and businesses who have made a… Continue reading We Need Your Help – Name Our Podcast!

Standard Size Blue Boxes

****BLUE BOXES ARE BACK IN STOCK**** IMPORTANT NOTICE – Standard Size Blue Box Due to the high demand for exchanges of the Tall Blue Boxes for Standard Size Blue Boxes, we are currently out of the Standard Size ones. This applies to our Material Recovery Facility (recycling depot) at 270 West Street, Trenton. As well… Continue reading Standard Size Blue Boxes

Canada Day Collection – No Change in Service

NO CHANGE TO MONDAY’S COLLECTION. If you have regular collection on Mondays, your recycling will be collected on Canada Day – Monday, July 1st, 2019. This also will not affect the remainder of the week’s regular scheduled collections.