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What do I do with my paper take away drink cups?

Even though it is commonly thought that since these products are partially made of fibre they can be recycled, they are not a good product for the blue box. This is due to a variety of factors: the wax on the inside of the cup is difficult to separate in the manufacturer’s recycling process, the fibre is a different material then the fibre in cardboard, newspaper, or cartons; and paper cups are quite often contaminated with drink products. The residue in take away cups contributes to the contamination of other products. The best thing to do as an active environmental resident in our area is to use reusable travel mugs!

Why isn’t black plastic recyclable?

Plastic that is dyed black indicates the end of the plastic’s life-cycle. For manufacturers who buy plastic materials to recycle into new plastic products, black plastic is not high quality and therefore diminishes the quality of the recycled product. The simple reason we no longer recycle this product at Quinte Waste Solutions is because there is no longer a market for the product because it is low quality. Black plastic goes into the garbage.

Why didn’t my Blue Box get picked up?

There are three main reasons why your blue box may have not been collected:

  1. You’ve mixed paper products with plastic and metal containers. In Quinte, residents are asked to keep paper separate from plastic and metal containers. Take the sorting tutorial here.
  2. You’ve set your recycling out late. Our drivers start their days at 7AM, and have since 1990. While collection days do not change, routes often do.  To ensure collection, always have your blue box out by 7AM.
  3. You’re put non-recyclables in the blue box. Click here for a list of what is accepted in the blue box program.

The bottom of plastic automotive oil containers has a recyclable symbol. Why does the recycling truck driver always leave them in my blue box?

While the plastic that oil containers are made of is recyclable (hence the symbol), the problem is that the oil in the container gets absorbed right into the plastic, contaminating the plastic for recycling purposes. Companies that purchase this high density polyethylene plastic (code 2) quite simply do not want to accept loads of plastic that contain empty oil containers. You can take empty oil containers to our Household Hazardous Waste Depot or any mobile event.

Are light bulbs and fluorescent tubes recyclable?

Fluorescent tubes are recyclable through our Hazardous Waste Collection Program.  Download a copy of our Household Hazardous & Electronic Waste Schedule and list of acceptable items. Regular incandescent bulbs are not recyclable and should go in the garbage.

Where can I get a new or replacement Blue Box?

Blue boxes are usually available from your local municipal office. While there is normally a fee of about $8.00 policies may vary from one municipality to the next. You can also exchange your broken blue box for a new one. Click here to find a location near you.

Is wood recyclable?

Yes and no! Wood products are not recyclable in the Blue Box. There is however, a local wood recycler. Try calling Scaletta Group, just north of Belleville at 613-962-7107, or in the Trenton area, call Waste Management Transfer Station at 613-394-1464.

Are paint cans recyclable?

Empty metal paint cans that have 1/4″³ of dry paint or less in the bottom can be placed in your Containers Blue Box with the lids off. Some newer paint cans are made of black plastic, and if this is the case then the paint can is not recyclable.

If the paint cans have paint in them, bring them to the Household Hazardous & Electronic Waste Depot. Paint cans that are made of plastic are not accepted in the blue box. For a complete list of acceptable items and events schedule, download a copy of our Household Hazardous & Electronic Waste Brochure.

Where can I buy a composter?

Call Quinte Waste Solutions at 613-394-6266 to find out where to get a composter.