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Quinte Waste Solutions is the operating name of the Centre & South Hastings Waste Services Board.

Established in 1990, Quinte Waste Solutions provides curbside recycling, commercial recycling, household hazardous waste collection and waste electronics collection for the 9 municipal partners that make up the Board.

Funding to operate these diversion programs in the area comes from three sources.  Municipal funding through your property taxes, revenue from the materials collected and sold as well as funding received by Industry Funding Organizations (IFO) who levy fees from product stewards (manufacturers and 1st Importers). This is referred to as Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR). There are separate stewards for each of the Blue Box, Municipal Hazardous and Special Waste program, and the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Programs.

The amounts of funding municipalities receive from Industry Funding Organizations is based on tonnages collected from the previous year reported to Waste Diversion Ontario.