Flooded Area on Hwy 33

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Flooded Area on Hwy 33

County Road 33, near Sonoco, has been repaired and re-opened. Your regular curbside collection for recycling will now resume.

Please place your properly sorted blue boxed on the curb, no later than 7 am in the morning, on your regularly scheduled collection day.

As a reminder, tall blue boxes (higher than 13″) are for PLASTIC and METAL containers ONLY. Paper must be in the standard sized blue box, and must not exceed 40 lbs.

Paper includes:

  • Office type paper
  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Boxboard (cereal, cracker boxes, etc.)
  • Juice or milk cartons

Place any glass jars you may have on top of the paper in your standard-sized blue box. Film plastics (grocery bags) can be bagged together and placed in this box as well.

All materials need to be clean. To save room in your blue boxes, crush your materials i.e. cans and water bottles.

Thanks for recycling!



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