Repurposing a Tarp

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Repurposing a Tarp

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Can My Tarp Be Recycled?

After a lot of use, your tarp is worn, faded, or damaged. You need to dispose of it. You wonder can you recycle a tarp? The answer is no. But that doesn’t mean your relationship with your tarp needs to end here. There are so many wonderful ways you can be repurposing a tarp.

What Can I do With It?

That’s a good question! We have done some research and found the following info from *Chicago Canvas and Supply that gives some great repurposing ideas!

1. Raised Bed Gardening

Do you garden? If you’ve ever thought about gardening or love to garden, raised beds make it easier to avoid excessive weeds and insect pests. Cut the unwanted tarp to fit the bottom of the raised bed. It will help kill the weeds and grass below your garden area. If you’re worried about water building up and causing root rot, a layer of crushed stone and sand will help with drainage.

2. Sandbox Bottom

Secure a section of the trimmed tarp to the bottom of a child’s sandbox. It will deter ants from trying to turn the sandbox into their home. The tarp will also keep grass and weeds from growing into the sandbox.

3. Sun Shade

Speaking of sandboxes, how about taking a smaller section of tarp and attaching each corner to four bamboo poles. You’ll find these poles in garden supplies or home improvement stores. Place that tarp over a sandbox or child’s pool to keep children from getting too much sun.

4. Waterproof Pillows

How much of the tarp is in good shape? If there are sections that are okay, cut those areas into squares of equal size. Sew two squares together on three sides. Turn the material inside out and fill with material like foam beads or polyfill stuffing. Sew up the remaining side. You have a waterproof pillow for your outdoor deck or patio furniture.

5. Charcoal Grill or Patio Fire Pit Cover

Take your large tarp and cut it down to fit over an outdoor patio fire pit or charcoal grill. In between uses, your fire pit or grill stays dry. When it’s time for your next fire, everything is dry and kindling will ignite quickly. You also help prevent rust. Be sure to check your local municipality on outdoor fire pits before creating one in your backyard.

6. Firewood Tote

Take a strip of canvas. Aim for a strip that’s about 4 by 3 feet. Sew all of the edges and add handles on each shorter end using a thick section of rope. When you’re carrying in firewood, you have a log carrier that is durable and easy to use.

7. Fall/Winter Shrub Protectors

Do you have any shrubs that are close to the road? Salt and sand during the winter can damage trees and shrubs. Use old tarps to cover them and protect them from winter damage.

Donate the Tarp
Could someone else use the tarp? Post an add in a community forum, Facebook Marketplace, or on Kijiji. Ask area schools if they could use it for student craft projects. You’d be surprised how many people can take a worn tarp and put it to good use.

Some of the places you can call to see if they need tarps are paint contractors. Tarps make great drop cloths. You can check with local daycares if they need used tarps to create shady areas. Ask at local farms, too. Gardeners often need tarps to cover seedlings during an unexpected frost.

In the end, it’s always great to see something that you thought had no life left in it, be used for a whole new purpose! Some yourself some time and money and REDUCE, REUSE AND RECYCLE!

*Please note the recycling program for this company, within their area, does not reflect that of Quinte Waste Solutions and the 9 municipalities we serve. Check out our Sorting Guide for the plastics we can accept at our facility. 


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