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Respect the Collect

Thank you to everyone that took the time out of their day to call, email, tweet, or facebook their compliments to their recycling driver! The campaign is closed but you can still send a compliment to 


No matter the condition, recycling collectors are always on the road getting their job done. In fact, recycling collectors has ranked 6th on the Most Dangerous Jobs in Canada list. Our drivers work in weather ranging from -40 degrees to +40 degrees including rain, ice, snow, hail and the scorching hot sun. Weather isn’t the only obstacle they face though. Drivers make over 900 stops a day; sometimes finding sharp objects and other hazardous materials in blue boxes; dealing with impatient drivers; and unsorted or contaminated blue boxes.

Our drivers spend a lot of extra time educating residents on the importance of properly sorting their blue box as well as showing kids how the truck is split into different compartments.

Residents who are unaware of proper sorting standards sometimes confront recycling collectors. Residents get frustrated when drivers do not pick up their mixed blue boxes and this has led to drivers being threatened to the point that their safety is compromised.

Respect the Collect is a driver appreciation campaign we adopted from Peterborough County. Its purpose is to educate residents on the dangers drivers face every day to ensure that your recycling is collected.

From July 10th to July 21st we strongly encourage residents to send a kind message to that will be passed along to your driver. To be sure that the right driver gets the message, please include your address.

You can also reach out by calling our office at (613) 394-6266 or toll-free 1-800-210-0762.

We ask that when residents are sorting their blue box and setting it out to the curb to think of the drivers who are on the road every day ensuring your recyclables get recycled.

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