On the Right Track in Quinte for the Circular Economy

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On the Right Track in Quinte for the Circular Economy

circular economy We thank the current Ontario Minister of the Environment and Climate Change, Glen Murray, for his comments made at the recent RPRA AGM, in Toronto, regarding the philosophy behind a waste free Ontario and the circular economy. Looks like we are on the right track here in Quinte.

Local innovative entrepreneurial cooperation has already created a resource recovery/circular economy cluster here.

Resources are recovered locally and then utilized locally, to make new value added products, reducing stress on transportation networks (less wasteful and unnecessary haulage), substantially reducing overall GHG emissions and building a significant vertically integrated local economy that creates jobs and contributes to GDP.

With a resource recovery rate of 86%, above the provincial average, and a net cost below its group averages, while revenue is above group average, Quinte Waste Solutions contributes effectively and efficiently to this local economy.

Of the recovered resources about 23% are sold into the USA improving the Provincial trade balance and 32% are utilized locally generating local employment, paying local taxes and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Our positive local economic contributions to the Provincial GDP must be maintained. Let’s hope that the circular economy that is already in motion here is not sidelined by centralized planning that removes local innovative entrepreneurial solutions.

We in the Quinte region, have something to boast about. We encourage residents to email minister.moecc@ontario.ca about all of Quinte’s waste diversion accomplishments.

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